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How to safely buy prescription contact lenses

If you are considering prescription contact lenses or are seeking to buy contact lenses with your existing prescription, there are some pointers to consider before making your purchase.

Contact lenses are not the same as glasses

Prescription contact lenses are medical devices. Its effective use requires a valid prescription for contact lenses that differ from your glasses prescription.

While both contact lenses and glasses correct common refractive errors, they do not give you the same visual acuity. Contact lenses sit over your eyes and glasses sit away from your eyes. The distance from your eyes affects the effectiveness of the refractive error correction. A contact lens prescription also contains other specifications that take into account your eye curvature and diameter of your cornea. Incorrectly using your glasses prescription to purchase contact lenses can harm your eyes.

Contact lenses come in different sizes and must be measured and prescribed for an exact fit by your Optometrist. When you purchase replacement supplies, you will need to repurchase the contact lens that you have been prescribed. This could mean the same brand and the type of contact lens. If you would like to change the lens type or brand of lens that you are wearing, your Optometrist will need to help you make that choice.

Choose the right contact lens at Visual Q Eyecare

Dr Susana Liou has been at the forefront of contact lens development. Her research paper has been referred to by well-known brands in the development of their contact lenses. As a clinician, Susana has built a loyal following servicing prescriptions, fitment and supply of contact lenses at Visual Q Eyecare for over 25 years.

If you are new to prescription contact lenses, you will need an eye exam. This will find your exact prescription and measurements for proper fitment of your contact lens. We will also advise of the right lens material and brand to use for optimum eye comfort.

If you have an existing contact lens prescription, make sure that it is up to date. Vision acuity and the shape of your eye can change often depending on your age, work environment and lifestyle. Only an eye exam at Visual Q Eyecare can determine if you need a new prescription or a refit of your contact lens. Make sure you have an annual eye test. This ensures your optimum eye health.

Can I claim through my health fund?

Yes. Visual Q Eyecare is a Recognised Ancillary Provider. If you have optical cover with your health fund, most Australian health funds will supply a rebate on prescription contact lenses. We’ll provide you with an itemised receipt, with health fund codes, that you can submit to your health fund for reimbursement.

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