Contact LensWe at Visual Q Eyecare know that prescribing contact lenses should not be taken lightly, or rushed in any way. There are a number of variables you should be aware of when considering the purchase and use of contact lens, such as the type, the brand, how the lenses feel on your eyes, cleaning solutions, eye drops, and most importantly, what to expect from a good contact lens optometry test.

Contact Lens Types:

In the world of contact lenses, there are many options for you to choose from, E.g. Soft or hard (short or far-sighted), multifocal, or coloured lenses. Then you need to choose from daily, fortnightly, or monthly, for soft lenses, 2 years for hard lenses, or in some specialised cases where a custom contact lens is produced, a 1-year soft option is also available. Come and see us at the Visual Q Eyecare Optometry clinic and we’ll explain in detail the pros and cons of each option.

Contact Lens Brands:

Unlike some competing optometry clinics and glasses shops that only sell the contact lens brands that they have a dealer/supplier relationship with, Visual Q knows that each brand’s contact lenses have been created with uniquely different parameters. Your prescription is one half of the equation, but how the lens fits in your eye, how it feels, is the most important factor to consider.

Contact Lens Ciba Vision Visual Q Eyecare Melbourne
Like this Ciba Vision contact lens ad promotes, we at Visual Q believe good contact lenses must achieve these three principles.

We like to think of buying contact lens in an analogy of buying shoes. Different manufacturers have varying sizes and shapes within each measured size. Also, varying brands’ lenses feel different because of their unique designs and specific materials used. When you buy shoes you need to try them on. Buying them online rarely works out. It’s the same with contact lenses, except the ramifications for poorly fitting lenses can be more painful and irritating when compared to a badly fit pair of shoes, not to mention the vision and sight health issues that can eventuate.

Visual Q Eyecare sells contact lenses from all the major brands, including Bausch and Lomb, Johnson and Johnson, CooperVision and Ciba Vision, but if all else fails, we will source another brand if necessary for your unique requirements.