Visual Q Eyecare began in September 2004, the brainchild of Optometrist Dr. Susana Liou and Practice Manager Simon Ch’ng. The name was derived from the concept of a ‘Visual Quotient’. Just as I.Q. is a measurement of intelligence, Visual Q emphasises the importance of attaining the highest level of vision possible. The higher your ‘Visual Q’ is, the better you can see. Visual Q Eyecare helps people reach their maximum visual capability.

Visual Q Eyecare is located in South Yarra, Melbourne, because we know people in the vicinity are better able to appreciate high quality service and products. We want our patients and clientele to experience the best sight and comfort possible.

Visual Q is different from other optometrists, but we didn’t intend for this to be the case. It just happened. As a result of cost restrictions, the majority of optometrists are unable to offer enough time to ascertain the best quality prescription lenses for an individual’s needs. In reality, this diagnosis can take up to 1 hour, yet many optometrists work on a strict schedule of 20-30 minute appointments.

As quality is the paramount factor at Visual Q Eyecare, we cannot be concerned with time restrictions. The only reason we are able to function the way we do, without regard to time or cost, is because we own the business ourselves. We believe it is better to over-deliver than to cut corners.

Visual Q Tailored Eye Care
Your tailored eye care starts at Visual Q Eyecare.

An example of this philosophy can be seen in how we treat protective lens coatings. We provide all of the various coatings together, and with no up-selling. We simply ensure we are always providing people with the best available. There are a lot of ‘extras’ in the glasses industry, and we know customers often don’t know what to choose. We don’t take advantage of this fact. These options are made clear to you upfront, and where other practices make you pick and choose, we’ll let you know which options should actually be seen as standard for great vision and comfort.

Many optometrists and glasses frame shops point to price as their differentiating factor. This is only natural. Everyone looks for the best deal possible, no matter what product they are shopping for. However, the world of sight is a medical one, and people want to be able to see clearly and comfortably. We deliver on this point, and this point alone. Those that point to price offer a lower quality experience, and we believe when it comes to seeing the beauty of the world, only the best will do.

Obtaining the best prescription possible is only the first half of your Visual Q experience. Practice Manager Simon revels in the experience of helping people find the best designer frames for their individual style, personality and prescription, while achieving great wearing comfort.

We know how important it is for you to achieve your goals in life, and you should never have to worry about your eyes’ comfort or sight. When you walk out the Visual Q door wearing your new glasses or contact lenses, you should have the most clear, comfortable sight possible.


How do you put a value on your vision? We don’t believe you can, so when you come in and see us, you won’t be asked to make decisions that compromise your vision. Our focus is on fine-tuning the most amazing optical tool ever created, your eyes. And we don’t stop there. The eyes are connected to intricate systems that contribute to their comfort, clarity and performance.

Once we’ve made all of the necessary adjustments, you’ll be ready to create a new masterpiece, as you’ll be experiencing life in High Definition. There is no longer any reason to hold back on your life’s dreams because of poor or ineffective vision; Visual Q is here.

Dr. Susana Liou, Senior Optometrist

Dr. Susana Liou, Optometrist, South Yarra, Melbourne
Dr. Susana Liou, Senior Optometrist,
Visual Q Eyecare, South Yarra

Susana is an incredibly experienced Optometrist who has covered diverse roles in her career, and central to her work has always been patient clinical care. From the development of a highly regarded model eye for contact lens research, and her experience as a lecturer at Melbourne University’s School of Optometry, Susana has actively made contributions to clinical diagnosis. Since forming her own Optometry clinic, her depth of practical experience has furthered her knowledge even more.

Susana has been a clinician for over 25 years, growing from strength to strength, and has built a loyal following in Melbourne, as patients have experienced how thorough and detailed her examinations are.

Simon Ch'ng, Practice Manager, Visual Q Eyecare
Simon Ch’ng, Practice Manager,
Visual Q Eyecare, South Yarra

Simon Ch’ng, Practice Manager

Simon is the Manager of Visual Q Eyecare, South Yarra, and works in a number of business roles to ensure that high standards are met across the board: from the moment you are greeted, to the instant you are tested, to the time you return to us again.

‘Details’ keep Simon busy, because that is what makes those at Visual Q different: the details in an eye test, the details in the fit of a frame, the details in the ‘Thank you’ and ‘See you later’. Simon loves details, and so will you, because they save you time and worry.

Qiutian Beau, Optical Dispenser,
Visual Q Eyecare, South Yarra

Qiutian Beau, Optical Dispenser

With a background in psychology and an interest in fashion, Qiutian is always excited to help you find the perfect glasses to suit your lifestyle and needs. Whether you prefer vibrant, classic, or subtle frames, Qiutian is dedicated to helping you leave the impression you want to make.

Emily Sophar
Emily Sopar, Optical Dispenser,
Visual Q Eyecare, South Yarra

Emily Sopar, Optical Dispenser

Emily is an optical dispenser at Visual Q Eyecare, where her healthcare background in pharmacy adds a touch of precision and genuine customer care to your eyewear experience. Outside of work, she finds joy in looking after plants, exploring various music genres, and enjoying a good cup of tea. Recently, Emily has taken up studying nursing, showcasing her ongoing commitment to the healthcare field. Her calm and composed demeanor make her a valuable member of the Visual Q Eyecare team, ensuring a reliable and straightforward experience for patrons.

Visual Q Timeline

1996:  Susana receives her PhD in Optometry from the University of Melbourne, having developed an accurate model eye for research into the optics of the eye (Liou & Brennan Model Eye).

1997:  Susana opens her first optometry in Box Hill.

2004: Visual Q opens its South Yarra store in September of that year.

2004: Visual Q’s first ‘superstar’ guest Nicolas Cage, who was filming ‘Ghost Rider’ at the time, comes to visit. Susana sees to his lovely wife, his make-up artist, and the talented Mr. Cage himself.

2009: An academic paper is published by Johnson & Johnson, citing the use of the Liou & Brennan Model Eye (Susana’s PhD research) as central to their analysis of new contact lenses.

2011: Visual Q’s next ‘superstar guest’ Alicia Molik, who was getting married the next day, comes to visit. Susana sees her and we fortunately get to take a photograph together. (Thank you Alicia!)

2019: Visual Q moves to their new premises at 91 Toorak Road in South Yarra.

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