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We don't rest until we find your perfect vision. We invest the quality time and the best care to ensure your eyesight is right before you leave our store.


You can rely on our solid personal support for the long term health of your eye with our dependable eye care and sight management services.


Our 25 years of experience brings solid knowledge and skills in providing the perfect eye care. Try us and discover why we have your vision covered.

Our Eye Care Philosophy

Visual Q Eyecare is a proudly independent, premium Optometrist in South Yarra. As your eye health is our concern, your eye care is provided in a holistic manner. We take into consideration your visual acuity, eye health, your past and existing eye wear (if applicable) and their impact on you as an individual. As a client of ours, you are a member of our “family” and we treat you with the respect and care that you deserve. We invite you to experience our services and inspect our selection of high quality designer lenses and eyewear.
Dr Susana Liou, Senior Optometrist and Clinic Director, Visual Q Eyecare.


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Visual Q's Highly Qualified Team
Dr. Susana Liou, Optometrist, South Yarra, Melbourne

Dr. Susana Liou

Senior Optometrist, Clinic Director
Susana is an incredibly experienced Optometrist who has covered diverse roles in her optometry career including contact lens research. Central to her work has always been patient clinical care.
Simon Ch'ng, Practice Manager, Visual Q Eyecare

Simon Ch'ng

Practice Manager
Simon is the Manager of Visual Q Eyecare, and works tirelessly to ensure that high standards are met from the moment you are greeted, to the instant you are tested, to the time you return again.

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