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Comprehensive Eye Test for Adults and Children

Our vision is a most precious sense.  That’s why it’s important for adults and children to have regular eye examinations with an experienced optometrist.

Eye tests are vital in caring for the health of your eyes, as many common eye conditions can occur at any stage without cause.  They also play a huge role in detecting some common medical conditions, such as diabetes even before other symptoms arise.

Eye problems are also common amongst children, with undetected poor vision being the cause in 60% of children with learning difficulties.  Poor eyesight can also contribute to behavioural problems, especially in young children who may find it difficult to explain eyesight issues they are experiencing.

Eye checks should not just be about prescribing glasses or fitting contact lenses.  That’s why not all eye examinations are the same.  At Visual Q Eyecare, we take very seriously the vital role we play in the early detection of eye diseases and conditions which cause vision changes and deterioration.

Eye diseases can include cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration and dry eye.  Eye conditions causing vision changes and deterioration (specially in children) vary from  amblyopia (lazy eye), squint/strabismus (one eye looks straight, while the other eye turns inward/outward), under or over convergence (difficulty in focusing and/or double vision due to eye muscle inflexibility) to accommodation insufficiency (difficulty focusing at a certain distance, leading to blurry vision, sore eye, possible headaches).

The above vision conditions can be treated more effectively if they are picked up earlier for a better outcome.

As eyecare professionals, Visual Q Eyecare eye tests are comprehensive eyecare consultations, which include thorough eye health and vision assessments.  Rather than simply do the ‘basic’ tests in 15-20 minutes, we take time to carry out further assessments where need be.  This gives a more comprehensive picture of your overall eye health.  Based on the complete picture of your eye condition, we devote the time to explain and provide an in-depth solution to the problem. Our aim is to provide the best possible outcome for you, the patient.

Your Comprehensive Eye Examination

All eyecare examinations are performed by our highly experienced optometrist.  At Visual Q Eyecare your eye health is too important to delegate any part of your diagnostic eye testing to clinical assistants.  The comprehensive eye test consultation is exclusively undertaken only by a fully qualified and experienced optometrist.

Our comprehensive eye examinations involve:

Detailed history taking – Taking the time to understand past and present eye health issues is paramount to ensuring proper diagnosis and treatment.  Time is taken to discover the patient’s eye health and vision related personal and family histories, as well as gaining clear insight into the extent of your eye, vision and other associated symptoms to investigate the root causes of any eye and vision problems.

Visual acuity assessment – Determining your ability to discern shapes and details of the things you see is the basis of one’s ability to see.  Depending on the patient’s individual eye circumstances and needs, as a boutique service we will also explore your colour vision, peripheral vision and depth perception.  We are also able to assess the vision of people who have difficulty with the alphabet utilising specialised charts.

Corrective lens prescription (glasses and/or contact lenses) – Corrective lenses are typically worn to improve vision. Most commonly they are prescribed to treat refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia.  Should there be vision issues requiring corrective lenses, the most suitable prescription for your specific needs and eye condition will be prescribed.

Review of past and existing eyewear – This is an important process to understand what your eyes have been accustomed to and determine the appropriate levels of change or modifications required to achieve your optimal vision, yet maintaining eye comfort and ensuring good overall eye health.

Assessment of ocular surface and dry eye disease – Identifying any risk of developing ocular surface and/or dry eye disease before symptoms arise is important.  They can develop unnoticed over a period of years and become well advanced by the time any debilitating symptoms appear if left undiagnosed or untreated. Many people are unaware that dry eye can be treated and that there are treatments available.

Kids Optometrist South Yarra in Melbourne
Children’s eye tests are delivered in a child-friendly and relaxing manner.

Specialised Children’s Eye Test – Kids’ eyes are different from adults, so our children’s eye examinations use tests specifically designed for kids.  Utilising shapes and pictures, the children’s eye tests are delivered in a child-friendly and relaxing manner.

Eye care is much more than just looking after your vision and vision is more than just seeing clearly

At Visual Q Eyecare, we take the time to perform thorough eye examinations.  We pride ourselves in providing boutique eyecare service.  We specialise in exploring the depth and breadth of each patient’s eyecare needs, to better understand the root causes to one’s eye conditions and provide the best possible eye care solutions.  Typically, an eye test takes up to 60 minutes, however the time spent assessing and addressing eye care and vision needs depends on the individual patient’s presenting eye problems and circumstances.

We recommend that everyone should have an eye test with an optometrist at least once every two years, and more often if you notice any changes to your vision or eyes.  Visual Q Eyecare is committed to providing boutique family-focused optometry services.  We provide eye tests for all ages so it’s never too early to bring your kids and yourselves in for an eye test.

Call Visual Q Eyecare today to book your personal and comprehensive eye examination.

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