Eye Care Visual Q EyecareWhat does Visual Q do? We at Visual Q Eyecare are opposed to the stereotypical optometry test, as these basic level analyses don’t really discover the underlying problem behind an eye issue. Our expert optometrist Dr. Susana Liou has over 25 years experience in the industry, and she knows you need to look deeper to understand the root causes and best possible solutions for eye care.

Susana interviews her patients to discover their personal and family histories, and gets you to describe in detail the extent of your symptoms. For example, let’s say your eyes are watering for no apparent reason, or you can see clearly, but experience headaches. While basic questions like ‘How is your long distance sight?’ and ‘Do you see well at close range?’ help to produce a prescription, they may not be finding a root cause.

We at Visual Q ask very specific questions like, ‘When does the problem occur?’ and ‘How does the eye issue affect you?’ The more information about you and your eye problem we can glean though extensive observation and consultation, the better chance you have of getting the best solution possible.

Eye Care Tools Visual Q Eyecare South Yarra
One of the many optometry tools we patiently and skillfully use

Another example is children’s eyes. As children are young, even if their glasses prescription is a little bit off the correct prescription, their eye muscles can often adjust to deal with the problem. However, this can cause problems when they grow older, problems that we do not want people to have to contend with. In some instances the child will be able to see fine, but for some reason the glasses or contact lenses feel uncomfortable. In this case, the eye muscles cannot focus comfortably, often resulting in an adverse effect on the child’s reading capabilities.

Visual Q eye tests take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete, as we undertake a plethora of tests that may not be part of a general consultation. We want to get the whole picture, not just whether you can see well or not. How long the tests take depends on the individual patient’s problem, i.e. people of older age often take longer to diagnose properly. So, if you’re planning on booking in for an eye test with Visual Q, make sure to allow plenty of time in your daily schedule. So what does Visual Q do? We do eye tests well!

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