prescription sports glasses and sunglassesIf you are currently wearing prescription glasses and you are active in sports or you work in a workplace that require the use of machinery and heavy equipment, you can get prescription eyewear that are designed specifically for those purposes. After all, maximum protection, safety and comfort are vital in those demanding environments.

Visual Q Eyecare can assist you in every step, from your eye test, to your prescription to sourcing the right style of certified protection eyewear – whether it is sports glasses or work safety glasses. Visual Q Eyecare has prescribed and supplied –

    • Sports Glasses and Sunglasses
    • Safety Glasses
    • Cycling Glasses and Sunglasses
    • Golf Sunglasses
    • Swimming Goggles
    • Running Glasses and Sunglasses
    • Fishing Sunglasses
    • Sports Goggles

Prescription safety glasses at Visual Q Eyecare

Maximum protection and comfort

All safety glasses that we provide are certified to Australian Safety Standards thus ensuring premium quality eyewear and the ultimate level of protection.

Whether they are sports glasses or safety glasses, all eye wear are supplied with the prescription lenses in frame and ready to wear. Better still, when your prescription sports or safety glasses are ready from the manufacturer, we will further adjust the frame to sit comfortably on your face. This is all part of our service to you at Visual Q Eyecare because we know that eyewear with optimum comfort becomes so much a part of you that you will eventually not notice them. This means you can focus more on your sports activity or your work environment.

Health Fund Rebates

Visual Q Eyecare is a Recognised Ancillary Provider with most Australian private health insurers. You may be eligible for a rebate on prescription safety glasses, depending on the level of your private health insurance cover. Please check with your private health insurer if you are unsure.

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