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Did you know that there is complex science behind prescription sunglasses?

For starters, harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays can increase your risk of getting certain eye diseases. No doubt in Australia we get a lot of harmful UV rays and your eyes need that protection.

When you continuously expose your eyes to UV rays, you end up exposing your eye lens and cornea. At worst, it will cause you to suffer from eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration. At the very least, you could get eye sunburn.

Eye sunburn? Yes – many people suffer eye sunburns when the eyes are exposed to the sun for too long without protection. We take care of our skin from getting sunburned yet little do we know about protecting our eyes from suffering the same fate. You will know your eyes have got sunburned when they begin to feel itchy, watery and become quite sensitive to light rays.

Harmful UV rays is probably the main reason why you need to get good quality polarised sunglasses to help protect your eyes. Polarised sunglasses with UV protection are the essential tool in preventing eye sunburns – especially here in Australia.

Polarised sunglasses with UV protection have a number of benefits:

  • Cuts and reflects light effectively reducing glare
  • Clearer vision thus reducing eye strain
  • Improve your vision – they enable you to see colours and images more clearly
  • Improve your safety – protection from UV rays and seeing objects clearer

When you combine the benefits of polarised sunglasses with your prescription, you get the best in eye protection. Speak to us about how you can benefit.  Simply call us, book an appointment online or visit our store in South Yarra to discover your personal premium prescription sunglasses.

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