1. Try on 10 different glasses frames and takes photos (with your mobile phone) of each one while on your face. Post the photos onto Facebook and ask your friends to rate which pair looks best on you.

Big sunglasses Melbourne Fun Summer Christmas Visual Q Eyecare South Yarra
Looking for a few laughs this ‘silly season’?

2. Get a bright blue or bright green coloured contact lens fitted to your eyes. People will notice you at Christmas dinner!

3. Try on some polarised sunglasses at the Visual Q Eyecare shop and then stare at our Maui Jim magical morphing artworks made by artist ‘Austine’ to see the ‘secret’ images that lie beneath each mosaic.

Austine polarised light art Maui Jim sunglasses Visual Q Eyecare Melbourne
Funny thing is, you can only see these beautiful and striking Austine polarised light art images when you’re wearing polarised sunglasses!

4. Put on the largest pair of glasses you can find in the shop and pretend you are Steven Spielberg directing a movie. Then, try on the smallest round-shaped glasses and pretend you are an accountant!

5. Wear and unusual piece of clothing like a hat or scarf and try on different pairs of glasses. You won’t believe which colours and frames will look great on you. You may not even recognise yourself!

6. Read Visual Q Eyecare’s blog article on how to choose the right frame for your unique facial structure, and then try on glasses that are totally opposite to your natural shape. Get ready for Mr. Hyde to arrive Dr. Jekyll!

7. Try on a pair of sports sunglasses and jog around the shop in circles to see if they stay securely on your face. Be careful!

8. Put a pair of glasses on and push them down your nose as far as you can without them falling off of your face. Now you know what it feels like to be a lawyer! ‘Objection!’ ‘Sustained!’

9. If you really can’t think of anything to do for a gift this holiday period, buy your loved one a Visual Q Eyecare gift certificate – and don’t be stingy Mr. Scrooge!

By Simon Ch’ng

* Thanks to Sheila Blige for the feature image, and NYC Arthur for the ‘big sunnies’ image above.