How to choose the right frame Visual Q Eyecare MelbourneWhen choosing glasses, style is so important, as you want them to reflect aspects of your personality. Simon at Visual Q will help you by ascertaining what facial shape you have, E.G. diamond, round, triangular etc., and then show you a range of frame types suited to your facial structure. He will also show you varying size options, and inform you about the strength of each frame’s materials.

If strength is of paramount importance, we’ll suggest titanium or heavy-set acetate frames. Metal is the strongest. Thin plastic frames can crack. The typical lifespan for a pair of glasses is 3 to 5 years, depending on how often you are wearing them. Did you know most damage to glasses is done while they are not even on your face? As time goes by you’ll see that frames get slightly bent out of shape. Sunglasses are especially prone to being misshapen, as we push them backwards onto the tops of our heads. This is why we recommend occasional visits back to Visual Q for adjustments.

Visual Q is very serious about how frames sit on your face. We analyse the shape and size of the glasses, and adjust them down to the millimetre. Adult glasses fall into a normal size range of 49mm to 56mm, while children’s frames are usually between 46mm and 49mm wide.

We also focus on quality issues when sourcing our frame selections, such as parts of the frame like temple joints and nose pads. You’ll want to be able to have your temple joints adjusted easily, and many people like plastic nose pads, as they don’t hurt or mark your face with tiny impressions.

Shape, size, colour, personality, fashion and lifestyle should all be considered when choosing your new pair of glasses. Visual Q ensures you are aware of each facet of the process, and will show you what works best for you within your desired parameters.

Don't be fooled! Glasses CAN make you look cool.
Don’t be fooled! Glasses CAN make you look cool.

3 Main Types of Frames: Rimless, semi-rimless and full frames.

Metal vs. Acetate Frames: There are different levels of quality within both metal and acetate glasses. The best type of metal frame is titanium, then stainless steel, normal steel, and finally nickel composites.

Acetate is a natural product derived from the cotton plant. Cheap, fake acetate copies are made of polyurethane, which can break easily and quickly lose colour pigment. Mazzuchelli Zyl acetate frames are famous for being the best quality acetate in the world, cured in underground tombs in France.

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