Contact Lens Solution Visual Q Eyecare South YarraThe most important point to consider when using contact lens cleaning solutions is to choose one that can both disinfect and clean properly. Do not only use a saline solution, as this is solely for rinsing the lens, and definitely don’t store them in saline.

Your best option is a Multi-Purpose Solution (MPS) that uses a special form of hydrogen peroxide such as Acuvue Revita solution or B&L BioTrue solution. Older versions of MPS were not as strong, but the newer types really do a great job.

When you clean your contact lenses, you need to be aware that the efficacy of each cleansing treatment only lasts for 3 to 5 days.  If you don’t wear your contact lenses for a week, you will need to clean them the night before you are planning to wear them again, essentially re-disinfecting before you wear. This has to be done, or all bacteria will not be successfully eliminated.

Also note that contact lens cases need to be replaced regularly.  Research has shown that bacteria and micro-organism do build up in the contact lens cases.  Therefore it is advisable to replace your contact lens case every month or whenever you finish a bottle of the Multipurpose cleaning solution.

Bio True Contact Lens Solution
Visual Q Eyecare stocks all the major contact lens solutions, including Bio true, which we swear by.

Check with our in-house optometrist Susana to see which cleaning solution is best for you. Biotrue solution is good, as it includes more moisturising agent than most others. Acuvue Revita solution is also good, as it has strong cleaning attributes.

Remember to always check the expiry dates on your lens cleaning solution bottle, and once opened throw it away after a maximum of 3 months (this is quite a lenient time frame).

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