Visual Q loves design and style in glasses. We are very aware of how powerful a stylish pair of glasses can make you look and feel. In the field of pure design we have a variety of brands and styles to choose from. For the minimalist we have Porsche Design, while lovers of colour will be excited by ProDesign’s graphic art styled dual tones, and people desiring to express flair will fall for Inyoku Inyake’s exciting new ranges.

Rodenstock and Charmant, whose variety of styles rarely change with trends, exemplify classic style. Silhouette has a great optical range, Beausoleil are one of the earliest glasses producers in the world, while Initium expresses modern-vintage ideals, and quintessential Australian designer John O’Hannessy is as bold as it gets. This is only the beginning. Come into our South Yarra shop and see one of the best ranges of quality boutique glasses in Melbourne.

Sillhouette Designer Frames Visual Q Eyecare South Yarra
Sillhouette is just one of the many designer frame brands to be found at Visual Q Eyecare

We are obsessed with quality manufacturing, and appreciate when a designer has a unique philosophy behind their product lines. One time a customer of ours had a pair of Porsche Design glasses that were run over by a car (not by a Porsche!). The frame was of such high quality that we were able to successfully bend and shape it back into form. This is so different from old style plastic frames that cracked when put under any significant pressure.