It’s important to know what you are going to be using your glasses for. Are they for reading, driving, executive meetings, or sports? There are kids’ glasses, glasses created to pass workplace health and safety regulations, and even underwater glasses! Of course, if you’re planning on wearing glasses while playing sports, you are going to need very strong and flexible frames.

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Are you going to be taking your glasses off and then putting them back on repeatedly throughout the day, i.e. reading? Might you have the kind of work where you need to constantly move from indoor spaces to outdoors?

There are options for everyone. For example, the former person can get glasses with a transition lens that change from clear to a tinted pigment whenever they go outside into the sun. The darker shade is activated by ultraviolet light. These types of lenses can be tinted either grey, which is a neutral view, or brown, which is very nice to look through, as it enhances contrast and makes everything outside look sharper.

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