Products and Solutions Visual Q Eyecare South YarraMany optometry clinics are disjointed; the prescription gets passed on to a dispenser or retail assistant, and the problem is this person often does not understand the visual task at hand. We know this, because our optometrist Susana has worked in a number of capacities around the industry.

Do you want your eye health to be determined by someone sitting in front of a computer, inputting numbers only relative to your distance and near sightedness? At Visual Q, only knowledgeable and experienced eye specialists who understand vision will be dispensing your glasses or contact lens prescription.

Visual Q knows that different eye products have varied designs that should only be applied in specific situations. For example, the average pair of multifocals is designed for 70% long-range vision, and 30% near range. The industry price for multifocal glasses is usually between $200 and $600. This is quite a big difference in price. So, is it worth going for the cheap end of the spectrum?

Products and Solutions Beausoleil Lightness Visual Q Eyecare
Beausoleil ‘Lightness’. An artwork for your eyes.

Well, it depends on how well you’d like to see! The difference between cheap multifocals and higher quality models is simply how much peripheral distortion occurs, and how smooth the transition is from far to near. Have you ever experienced a ‘jump’ from near to far? If so, you know what it’s like to have substandard multifocal glasses. Some cheaper multifocals are also uncomfortable to wear, as your eyes have to travel further to reach the reading zone.

What do your eyes need? Glasses like multifocals are not a one-size-fits-all reality. Each person’s individual lifestyle may require variations to the solution. An example of this is lawyers and accountants. People from these professions often require ‘vocational multifocals’, with a 50% near, 40% intermediate computer length, and 10% distance mix.

Visual Q believes your sight and vision solution is supposed to help drive you towards success. You don’t just need the right prescription. It is also essential to have the correct product.