Salvatore Ferragamo is renowned for being an Italian frame designer that unlike its counterparts has not been internationalised. Ferragamo has stayed true to genuine Italian style, focusing on down-to-earth designs, and being less ostentatious than other Italian brands like Ray-Ban, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, or Fendi.

If you know Ferragamo, you’ll know it’s famous for its signature burgundy red colour, which the new range continues to employ with a masterly touch. Recently the Salvatore Ferragamo brand moved factories in order to manufacture better quality frames, as its predecessor didn’t live up to the brand’s name. This is the first range of high quality frames to come from the new manufacturer, and the result has been nothing less than a total reincarnation of the Ferragamo brand.

Salvatore Ferragamo Men's Sunglasses Visual Q Eyecare South Yarra Melbourne
How stylish are these new 2021 Salvatore Ferragamo men’s sunglasses? If you look through the frame in the sunlight, the frame changes colour like a bottle of Coke.

With 20 new optical and 20 new sunglasses frames here at Visual Q Eyecare, the new range embodies clean lines and classy styles that don’t try too hard to impress. Unlike a Gucci frame that is large, detailed and ornate, these Ferragamo glasses frames are all about functionality and authentic style. Some of the frames have leather frame rims and temple tips, as well as entire leather arm coverings, something we’ve never seen anywhere else before.

Salvatore Ferragamo loves to take their bright red burgundy colour and have a line of light brown passing through its centre, which truly creates a unique feel. Some of the 100% Italian acetate frames are a clear brown colour, but look at them in the light and they’re a clear red – a lot like a glass of Coca Cola. Many of the hinges use a horse ‘bit’ type of temple hinge, recalling Ferragamo’s long history tied together with the horse riding set.

Some would say the use of so many darker colours and subtle hues make the new Salvatore range slightly formal in appearance, but when I looked at some of the frames I couldn’t help thinking about a 57’ Chevy, half red and half dark tortoiseshell. Marbling and feathering colour techniques are used in conjunction with both round and square frame types. This is not big branding style; it’s generally subtle, although one particular new frame full of diamantes sells for over $800.

Ferragamo Women's Sunglasses Visual Q Eyecare South Yarra
Look at the feathering on these Salvatore Ferragamo women’s sunglasses. How about the cool horse style ‘bit’ near the temple hinge? Beautiful.

Come visit Visual Q Eyecare in South Yarra and check out the new range – these are very stylish and well-made glasses and sunglasses. Salvatore Ferragamo was always famous for its optical glasses, but the brand took a hit after going through a rough period with its previous factory. The new factory was carefully chosen, coming onto Ferragamo’s radar after discovering that Fendi was using the same manufacturing plant. Now back on the horse, Ferragamo is riding high once again.

By Simon Ch’ng